Share His Word

you shine as lights in the world;
                            holding forth the word of life...


The primary mission at Share His Word is to simply do just that. We endeavor to share the good news from God’s Word that pertains to a personal relationship, the salvation and eternal life found only in and through His Son, Jesus Christ the Lord.​​

Considering the fields are noted in the holy scriptures as being, white unto harvest, we are persuaded that the Lord's return is imminent. Thus, our efforts are focused on the procurement and distribution of bibles, bible tracts, helpful Christian literature, gospel oriented video and on-line content free of charge to individuals who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ.

Among many, one motivating factor at Share His Word is in that we are convinced that God the Father would have each sinner repent; that they would turn from their sin, confess with their mouth the Lord Jesus, believing in their heart that God has raised Him from the dead. By the which, we know that they too will have the eternal life in Him that we have come to know and enjoy.

We in keeping with God's Word are not desirous that any should perish. For this reason, materials provided by Share His Word include the Truth; bible verses that speak to salvation, eternal life and the Lords love for lost souls.

Danny Sands              
Danny Sands